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HETL is a Joint Venture of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), in collaboration with Edgewood Ventures LLC, USA and Edgewood Technologies Private Limited, India. It is formed to develop world-class avionics solutions in India at a fraction of global costs, leveraging Indian ingenuity and low cost base. Also promote research, design and development in the field of electronics, software, hardware and systems required for Defence, Aerospace and Industrial application.

The company has developed next-generation state-of-art Mission Computer (OSAMC: Open System Architecture Mission Computer) for fighter planes. The Mission Computer is a nerve center of avionics system of the aircraft. It controls all the sensors placed in the avionics network and performs the navigation and weapon guidance functions. HETL delivers custom-designed products and solutions with cutting-edge engineering capabilities in the field of hardware, software and embedded software.

We are strongly committed to building successful products and have filed overall one patent technology; additional patents for individual cards are being filed.


At HETL, we are building Open Architecture technologies which means it can be configured to the requirements of any fleet in the world. Currently HETL has designed and developed the Mission Computer for the upgrade requirements of one of the fighter aircraft in the Indian Air Force. The 3D technology of OSAMC creates significant savings in weight and size, which are desired by any military aviation customer. Allied to the cost advantage this makes the OSAMC the perfect offering for any developing country that is seeking to modernize its fleet. Use of 3D manufacturing technology to reduces size and weight. This provides further innovative technology for this product. HETL has evolved an iterative design & development process to enable teams to interact at each stage of the product life cycle. This team-centered approach sees everyone playing an important role in various projects. We constantly seek to improve operational efficiency at all levels of our organization and adopt best practice processes. HETL adopts key performance indicators to increase the maturity of development models and improve quality, control cost flow and maintain tight scheduling to reduce time to market.

  Requirements Building
We are involved with customer's right at the offset to scope out the requirements,qualify essential features and determine the most suitable hardware platforms.

  Hardware Design and Prototyping
Our designer's design the electronic circuits from the requirements,build the hardware,integrate the software and create fully functional prototypes.

  Project Management
We explore processes,identify challenges,create development schedules,and determine acceptance criteria.We focus on building long term relationships beyond a single project.

  Real-Time Best Practices
Engineers manage complex development tasks,implement best practices to control cost flow and scheduling to ensure excellent quality and on-time deliveries.

  High-quality, On Time, On Budget
We work within a structured methodology to qualify vendors,negotiate prices,control budgets and keep projects on track.


HETL design solutions improve time-to-revenue by delivering reliable, high-quality solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

HETL engineering team has extensive industry experience delivering hardware/software design, development, integration and optimization of design solutions
for Control, Navigation & Weapon guidance, Communication, Security, Switching, Networking and SiP (System-in-Package) modules using 3D technologies.

Embedded Software Development

The Embedded Software engineering team has extensive design experience in Freescale Processors (MPC8640/1), ARM Processors, TI DSPs and High-end
Microprocessors using VxWorks RTOS, Linux and Windows platforms.


The Digital/FPGA engineers have successfully designed mixed and high speed signals on multi-layer PCBs, and developed FPGA based processors, IP core logic,
and Test benches.

Microwave Radio Frequency

The RF Engineering team designs RF Transceivers, Amplifiers, LNA's, PLL and interfaces for digitally modulated VHF/UHF radios. The team has extensive RF
design capabilities to create simulations, modeling using NI Data Acquisition Hardware and co-simulation with LabVIEW tool.


The engineering teams typically design the Freescale/FPGA/TI based Avionics subsystems using VxWorks, Linux and Windows platforms.


The Software engineering team has developed drivers for different applications based on Embedded C/C++, assembly, VHDL/Verilog languages.


HETL has extensive Mechanical and Industrial Design, Project Management and Quality Control to support product development.


HETL develops world class products with stringent quality controls to ensure compliance with DO & MIL-STD certification for avionics standards and its safety.

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